Dodger is our beige 1971 mail truck that has been converted to hold up to 2 specialty drink choices. 



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Mission Statement

To surprise and delight everyone that encounters Fetch Me Champagne. Here to give you the peace of mind that you've chosen the right company to manage your events bar. We strive to give you the memorable experience with our service, overly excited bartenders (they have some of the best smiles), all while having an amazing time serving unique drinks out Dallas' most unique bar! And lastly, making a difference one event at a time!

Champagne with a purpose. Saving pups & Serving drinks! 


(the brains)


(the brawn)

Hey Y'all! I'm Katie, a Wedding Planner by day and a Champagne Jeep owner by night. I came up with this business by checking out the amazing champagne vehicles they have all over the UK and knew that I needed to create something cute and brilliant to have down here in Texas. After talking it over with Chris we came up with a way for us to work together within the wedding industry and Fetch Me Champagne was born! When I'm not planning weddings or working the behind the scenes of Fetch Me. You can find me floating down a river getting a tan during the summer, grabbing coffee with a friend, or just hanging out with my dogs. If I have a spare weekend I'm out traveling with Chris! We have a goal to hit all of the National Parks, so far we've checked off 5! Long ways to go but we're making it happen. We love to go hiking and take in all of the natural beauty the States have hidden within these amazing parks. 

Chris is a Sr. Client Services Manager by day and a Champagne Jeep owner by night. He's the brawn of this operation. The master designer and cocktail crafting genius. He has a weird passion for making drinks which has made this business venture perfect for him to have fun on the weekends while I (Katie) do all the management (snooze). When he's not working full time or crafting cocktails. He's working on a home improvement project, drinking beer on our patio, or playing with our dogs! If he has a spare weekend and we aren't traveling you can typically find him checking out a local brewery. So if you have any beer questions, he might be your man to get them answered! 

Meet the Owners

The Assistants

These are the babies that started the passion, that led to the dream, and is now creating a reality of us being able to help other shelter dogs. All of our pack puppies we're adopted. Either through a formal shelter or from someone in passing. Each one has their own story of heartache but we were able to rescue them all and give them a life full of squirrel chasing, river sloshing, mid day napping, and all of the snuggles.

We are so fortunate to have a way to now give back to the shelters that have helped us get pups like these into loving homes like ours! We truly believe that a home is not complete without a four-legged friend and we want to help make sure that those four-legged friends are here for you to meet! 

Gracie, Granger, Roarie, Rocco, Remmie

(the Pack)

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